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General website rules

Most of the population of the planet knows that in human society has certain rules of conduct, and since on the 3ost communicate with hundreds of people, rules of conduct must be observed and here! If you read the rules of any site, you already know what's allowed and what is not, otherwise you are prohibited in the comments, PM (personal messages) and E-Mail messages:
  • insults and threats to the visitors and the site administrator;
  • indecent language;
  • text that is not related to the content of the article or to the context of the discussion;
  • spam and advertising of any goods and services, resources, or events not related to the context of discussion.
Site administrators can delete comments, or part of the comment, and do not respond to PM and E-Mail messages, if they do not meet these requirements! If you violated the rules, you can get a warning, but in some cases, your account may be suspended without warning. For unlock your account, contact the site administrator.