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Обложка к альбому - GRIS

Названия альбома: GRIS
Исполнители / Композиторы: Berlinist
Год выпуска альбома: 2018
Год выхода игры: 2018
Жанр: Score
Количество треков: 27
Длительность звучания: 01:19:29

Носитель: Digital Release ( available as download on GOG )
Количество носителей: 1 x CD ( Digital Media )
Издатель ( лейбл ): self-released

Lossless аудио формат: FLAC ( tracks )
Битрейт: Lossless / 2 channels / 16 Bit / 48 kHz
Размер архива: ≈ 348 МБ ( Добавлена информация для восстановления )


01. Berlinist - Mae
02. Berlinist - GRIS, Pt.1
03. Berlinist - Debris
04. Berlinist - Lift
05. Berlinist - Meridian
06. Berlinist - Chiasm
07. Berlinist - Incipit
08. Berlinist - Perseverance
09. Berlinist - Boundary
10. Berlinist - Windmill
11. Berlinist - Opaque
12. Berlinist - Komorebi, Pt.1
13. Berlinist - Environments
14. Berlinist - Tobu
15. Berlinist - Karasu
16. Berlinist - Symmetry
17. Berlinist - Rain
18. Berlinist - Komorebi, Pt 2
19. Berlinist - Descent
20. Berlinist - Unagi
21. Berlinist - Sparks
22. Berlinist - Ascension
23. Berlinist - Firmament
24. Berlinist - Comparison
25. Berlinist - GRIS, Pt. 2
26. Berlinist - In Your Hands
27. Berlinist - Circles
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Публикация была отредактирована: 24.08.2019

Причина: Замена на 16 Bit/48 kHz / Заміна на 16 Bit/48 kHz / Replaced by 16 Bit/48 kHz
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ID-10797  /  24.08.2019 - 12:53
All, that I wrote about quality of 16 Bit/44.1 kHz version, applies to new 16 Bit/48 kHz version too.
"Therefore, the Lord God banished Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden and placed a flaming sword to protect the tree of life."
ID-10783  /  05.08.2019 - 08:01
I will explain more - here is no audio material for high frequencies, so it simply can't have frequencies higher. Even if it will be raw studio material with 32 bit /192kHz, the spectrogram will remain exactly the same. To mislead buyers, the publisher could add white noise to the track - less at a mark below 16 kHz and more above 16 kHz. This noise you will not hear above 16 kHz. but you’ll be satisfied that it’s looks like a lossless quality. Example (made in "Photoshop"). I can do the same in "Adobe Audition", but for what?

For example, download "Luce" soundtrack and see, that there most of the tracks looks like this and "Audiochecker" says - Summary 9,53% CDDA. But listen to those tracks, there are almost only musical spheres. Yes, for such tracks HQ MP3 encoding is quite enough, but everyone can decide himself, to keep the original album in FLAC or convert to MP3. I just provide the best quality and never convert MP3 albums to FLAC. Sometimes I lower the sampling rate of Hi-Res albums, bringing their characteristics to real, because there are a lot of fakes among Hi-Res albums and their file size is impressive.
"Therefore, the Lord God banished Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden and placed a flaming sword to protect the tree of life."
ID-10782  /  05.08.2019 - 03:12
With spek I arrived at the same result on the first music despite the fact that the file is in flac or mp3 from where my remark

ID-10781  /  04.08.2019 - 21:58

A lot of old soundtracks released by Intrada have tracks under 320kbbs but it's true lossless.

Lossess means lossless that's all, I can rip a lossy source in lossless and it will be a lossless rip of the source.

Audio is a science, learn about please.
One Punch Man!
ID-10780  /  04.08.2019 - 21:51
Are you serious? face_grinning_with_smiling_eyes
The first and last tracks in their content simply do not provide a frequency range higher than 6 kHz per channel. These are quiet melancholy piano compositions, and how can their spectrograms jump to the highest frequency level?

What if we look at:
Track 02 (FLAC vs MP3 320 kbps -q 0 (HQ mode))
Track 03 (FLAC vs MP3 320 kbps -q 0 (HQ mode))
Track 04 (FLAC vs MP3 320 kbps -q 0 (HQ mode))
etc... What do you say now?

it's great, that you discovered quality checker for yourself, but it’s good to understand, what exactly you see on the spectrograms. If you’ve recently become interested in the lossless formats, then get used to the fact, that in lossless albums your checker will often find tracks similar to lossy.
"Therefore, the Lord God banished Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden and placed a flaming sword to protect the tree of life."
ID-10779  /  04.08.2019 - 18:19
The rate of the first music is below 320 kbp/s
And look at the spectrum of sounds with the Spek application you will be surprised by the result.
ID-10778  /  04.08.2019 - 15:49
What does it mean "not a flac"? This is the purest flac.
But if you mean, that it's not lossless, you are also wrong.
Why did you even decide, that the album is badly encoded?
"Therefore, the Lord God banished Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden and placed a flaming sword to protect the tree of life."
ID-10775  /  04.08.2019 - 05:33
I'm sorry, but it's not a flac. Or very badly encoded
ID-10120  /  14.01.2019 - 05:08
awesome ost, i fucking cried. Thank you very much.